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STD Testing and Treatment

If you’re sexually active, an essential part of your wellness routine should be sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing. These screenings can help keep you and your partner(s) healthy and safe. Women across Tucson, Phoenix, and Sierra Vista, Arizona, can receive comprehensive STD testing and treatment at Genesis OGBYN.

How Does STD Testing Work?

Provider Consulting for STD Testing

STDs, also frequently known as STIs (sexually transmitted infections), can be a common health issue. It can feel embarrassing to talk about, but our providers encourage patients to remember that there is no shame in being sexually active or having an STI. Getting an STI screening is a responsible thing to do whether you’re in a monogamous relationship or not.

You can request screenings from your ObGyn provider. You can schedule an appointment specifically to discuss STD testing or discuss your options during a routine appointment, and your provider will help you determine which tests may be right for you. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your appointment.

What to Expect When Getting an STI Screening


When requesting a STD screening, your provider will ask you a few questions to help pick which tests to run. Those questions may include:

  • Current symptoms
  • If you or your partner has had an STI before
  • Sexual contact you’ve had
  • How often you use protection, including condoms or dental dams

Your provider will likely perform a physical exam. This allows them to look for any physical symptoms, such as rashes or sores.

Each STD has a different test. Some require a urine or blood sample, while others may simply need a genital or mouth swab. Results can take several days to come back, so you may not know the same day. Once the results return, your provider will recommend a course of action that can address your symptoms.

Talk To Your Provider About STD Testing Today

If you’re experiencing symptoms of an STD or are interested in being screened regularly, talk to a provider at Genesis OBGYN about STD testing. We provide support and care to women across Tucson, Phoenix, and Sierra Vista, AZ, through the process. Contact our providers to discuss STD testing today.

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